brielle + tore | seattle adventure session

when brielle and tore entered for my adventure session giveaway, brielle exclaimed how happy she’d be if she won because of the fact that the two of them had been dating for over four years and had never had professional photos taken.

she ended up being just as big of a sweetheart as she seemed through email! although they went to school over two hours away, they happily made the trek down toward the city for our winter mini shoot.

luke and i scouted a few different locations around seattle in the days leading up, but in the end, i decided on rattlesnake lake. we were blessed with a pretty mild morning – it was just cold enough to keep the fog looming over the water and brielle tucked-in close to tore for the entire shoot. they were so cute and i am so grateful for their willingness to venture out in formalwear in the dead of winter!