claire + ricki in la | venice beach adventure sessions

meeting people from social media in-person for the first time is kinda weird. and by that, i mean, i’m kinda weird. i’ve always gotten a little starstruck when i meet anyone who’s even played an extra in a movie or has one album of acoustic covers. i don’t know why i get that way, but i just do.

so when i had the amazing opportunity to meet up and shoot with claire of @plantifulsoul and her boyfriend ricki, i was nervous as heck, but had never been more excited. i’ve felt this inexplicable connection between claire and i since i first began following her on instagram, but none of my comments or messages ever elicited a response until i asked her if she’d be interested in meeting up in los angeles to create some magic together.

we first got to know one another in her airbnb apartment kitchen and then walked down to the beach to shoot her in her new opia dress.

the next day, i had hoped to shoot the two of them together, but claire came down with a bad cold and decided it’d be best if i met and shot witch ricki alone. he was an absolute sweetheart and even drove me back to my friend’s apartment when it began to downpour mid-session!

when luke and i returned to los angeles just a few weeks later, i attempted to shoot with the two of them again. though ricki was busy during the day, i finally got some cute shots of the two of them with their vegan cones at salt + straw later that evening. i absolutely love their love and i can’t wait to meet up with them again someday!